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Here are some recent insights about the current landscape for small businesses and how their potential audience’s attention is shifting in this era of smartphone/social media usage. 

1 %

Less than two-thirds (64%) of small businesses have a website

1 %

82% of small business websites don’t have social media accounts

1/ 1

Small businesses don't have any form of digital marketing

Have our team help you put together a strategy that sets you apart from your competition. Hover over the different subject areas below to get descriptions and feel free to drop us a line and one of our specialists will respond shortly.

Analytics & SEO

Analytics & SEO

Stand out from your competitors and gain insights about your potential customers or social media audience.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Is your site slow loading, bad on small screen devices, or just generally under performing? Have our specialists help identify opportunities for your site to showcase its strengths.

UI/UX Audit

UI/UX Audits

We take a look at your current website to get an understanding of how your audience interacts with your service, content, or product. Have one of our specialists help identify opportunities for your site to stand out.

Social Media Audits

Social Media Audits

How well does your social media presence impact your audience? Whether you need to develop a content plan, create a campaign or identifying your target audience our specialists are standing by to help you reach your goals.

Keys To Keep Your Business Running

Have our team help you put together a strategy that sets you apart from your competition – Let’s create an environment where your team is not only comfortable and prepared to reach your goals overcome their most common fears associated with technology in today’s marketplace.

Capacity Building

Let's create an environment where your staff can strengthen its understanding of interacting with your office's systems. Expand your organizations IT capacity by auditing your needs based on size and performance goals.

life-cycle planing

Take the guess work out of handling your office's Desktop, AV and other hardware issues. We support both PC and Mac environments so feel free to contact us.

device Donation/Disposal Prep

Have older technology that you are ready to part with? Whether you are removing files or simply returning the systems to their defaults for new users, we can help prepare it for disposal or donation.